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Prepaid Soft Plastics Recycle Courier Bag

Every step counts

One of the largest challenges we face as a small Kiwi business is packaging. We've spent a lot of time and effort trying to find the best way to keep your cookies safe & fresh, while minimising adverse effects on the environment. 

Our Wise Cookie pouches, including their labels, are soft plastics recyclable. You can drop them off at collection points in participating supermarkets nationwide. Or you can add one of these clever pre-paid courier packs from NZ Post to your order. We're selling them at cost, to make it even easier for you to recycle all your household soft plastics, hassle-free. 


Simply fill your pre-paid courier bag with clean soft plastic and seal. Book a courier pickup, or drop off at your local NZ Post store. Your soft plastics will be transformed into long-life products. For more details, visit the NZ Post product listing here.