June 22, 2024 3 min read

If you love the bread, why not consider baking your own OMG loaves at home? Get creative and dream up new flavours, or keep it simple at home and pop into the bakery to get your fix of our other freshly baked sweet & savoury loaves.

OMG bread premix is gluten, dairy, egg, soy & refined sugar free. It's also Vegan and paleo.

Because you're creating a batter, rather than a dough, it's an easy no-knead recipe ... you simply need to add yeast and water to the mix to make a loaf. Adding a handful of additional seeds, nuts, fruit, chocolate, spices, herbs, pumpkin etc will change the flavour accordingly.

All of our loaves are made using this base mix, adding extra ingredients to create the different flavours. You can also make OMG 'cwackers' and pizza bases, by combining it with our cwacker/pizza mix, sold separately.


  1. Take a bowl and place it on a set of scales – tare the scales.
  2. Pour 420ml (420g) of warm water into the bowl (hot water will kill the yeast). Allow 5mins for the yeast to activate then stir gently to mix.
  3. Add ¼-½ of a teaspoon of Edmonds Active Granulated yeast to the water (Note - Add ½-1 teaspoon if you want it to rise really quickly to bake in 2-3 hours). 
  4. Add 420g (approx 2 ½ level cups) of the OMG premix to the bowl and mix with a whisk or wooden spoon.
  5. Throw in a small handful of seeds, nuts, fruit, spices, veges, or whatever takes your fancy to change the flavour of the loaf and mix it in.

Activated OMG: (Recommended)

  1. Lightly oil your tin and pour the prepared batter into the tin.
  2. Top with seeds/herbs/nuts etc.
  3. Cover the tin with something to stop the bread drying out (e.g. bees wax wrap).
  4. Put the tin into the fridge (the bread will rise gently over the first couple of hours and then stop).
  5. Leave for at at least 18 hours (max 4 days) to activate the seeds.
  6. Heat your oven to 200 degrees.
  7. Place tin directly from the fridge into the hot oven for 50 minutes - 1 hour.
  8. Tip the loaf out of the tin immediately when done. Cool on a wire cooking rack.

Quick OMG:

  1. Lightly oil your tin and pour the prepared batter into the tin.
  2. Top with seeds/herbs/nuts etc.
  3. Place in a warm spot for 2hr+ (could be on top of your oven while it is heating).
  4. It should double in size.
  5. Heat your oven to 200 degrees.
  6. Place the tin into the hot oven for 50 mins - 1 hour.
  7. Tip the loaf out of the tin immediately when done. Cool on a wire cooking rack.

Tips & Tricks:

  • If you tip the bread out of the tin and the bottom is still soft, pop it back into the tin and keep baking it for another 5 mins. Then test again.
  • Don't use fan bake. If your oven only does fan bake then reduce the oven temperature. Fan bake will harden the crust too much and cause the bread to have holes.
  • Make sure that your yeast has not expired. Once opened keep yeast in the fridge.
  • You will learn during this process, you are making food that is alive and changes depending on temp, humidity, different ovens and probably even your mood - so think nice thoughts! Though it is pretty fail-safe it is very important to get the flour mix to water ratio exact. If you are adding ingredients that contain water, like pumpkin it will change the bread slightly (more moist). You can add less water if you like but we don’t. Good luck, you are in for an exciting ride!
  • The height and length of the tin will determine the height of the bread. The bakery tins that we use are available via our webstore HERE.