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July 06, 2021 2 min read

Just like in days of old, our baker's dozen is twelve plus one

Sometimes it's hard to choose! Treat yourself to all your favourites with our 13 Snack Pack bundle.

Buy 12 Snack Packs packs and get a 13th one FREE! Plus Free Shipping too 


How it works

Choose your flavours. Add any combination of 13 Snack Packs to your shopping cart to receive the discounted price. Just add your choices to your shopping cart. Once you reach 13 Snack Packs, the savings will calculate for you automatically. 

Please note that the Baker's Dozen special can't be used in conjunction with other specials, codes or discounts. So if you want to use a discount code to purchase other items, please create a new order for those.


Why Snack Packs?

Our deliciously healthy Snack Packs are a smarter, more convenient alternative to the traditional large 'single cookie'. 

These convenient, portion-controlled packs contain six 10g Health Star rated cookies. Eat them all at once for a delicious snack on the go, share them around, or re-seal the pack and save some for later. 

Perfect as a pick-me-up when you're out and about. Keep a pack handy for refuelling after the gym. Or stash them into your desk-drawer for mid morning or afternoon sustenance at the office. These healthy little cookies are also perfect for popping into the kids’ lunchboxes or sports-bags. Or pop a pack or two into your own daypack when you're enjoying the great outdoors.


Have your cookie and eat it too

Healthier? Yes. Tasty? Absolutely!

Wisefoods cookies pack in flavoursome goodness, with protein, fibre, less sugar and saturated fat and even added collagen.

Our goal has been to make great cookies for everyone to enjoy, regardless of dietary preferences or constraints. We’ve taken an allergy-friendly approach and included Vegan options as well. 

So now you can enjoy cookies, guilt-free as a legitimate part of your healthy lifestyle. 


      Add gift wrap for the perfect gift bundle

      For the finishing touch, add our gift wrapping service. We'll even include a carefully handwritten note with your chosen message.


      Soft-Plastic Recyclable

      Looking for the best way to dispose of your Snack Pack packaging? The pouches, including labels, are soft plastic recyclable via the collection points you'll find at many local supermarkets and stores like The Warehouse. For extra convenience, we also sell the NZ Post Prepaid Soft Plastics Recycle Courier Bags here, to make it even easier for you to recycle all your household soft plastics, hassle-free.